Best Natural Bodybuilders in History

best natural bodybuilders

There are countless natural bodybuilders in history, but only a few are among the best. Here are the best natural bodybuilders in history, in no particular order. The first one on our list is the legendary Ron Williams. Throughout his long, competitive career, Ron claimed more than 250 natural bodybuilding titles and won Natural Mr. Olympia seven times. Now retired, Ron was one of the first natural bodybuilders of his decade.

Sergi Constance

While most people assume that the big body of fitness model Sergi Constance is a product of years of steroid use, this isn’t the case. In fact, his physique is a result of exceptional genetics and years of training. Sergi Constance has a bachelor’s degree in sports science and physics and a large following on social media. Despite his big physique, Sergi has remained unaffected by the negative comments about his body.

Branch Warren

Born in Tyler, Texas, Branch Warren began lifting weights as a teenager. He soon became passionate about improving his physique, and even competed in bodybuilding contests. He later won the title of Teenage Mr. America in 1992. His training methods have inspired many other bodybuilders to follow in his footsteps. In addition to lifting weights, Branch also incorporates hardcore training and nutrition into their routines.

Stu Yellin

The world is now seeing some of the best natural best natural bodybuilders bodybuilders compete in the USBF. Stu Yellin is one of these competitors and has already placed first in three competitions. His background in bodybuilding allows him to use his training and nutrition to his advantage. Here are some of his tips for success:

Mike Thurston

Whether or not Mike Thurston is a natural bodybuilder is another question. He is an iconic figure with a chiseled body and mind-boggling strength. Fans have long admired his physique and dreamed of having his muscular body. But some critics doubt whether he has achieved his impressive muscle mass naturally. The following are some of the reasons why Mike Thurston is a natural bodybuilder.

Anton Antipov

Anton Antipov has an impressive physique, and his workout routine is as strict as it is realistic. He was a skinny kid before he moved to the United States, but his modeling career inspired him to sculpt his body. During his modeling career, many have accused him of taking steroids or juicing, but Anton has denied these claims. During his workouts, Anton has been training to gain lean muscle mass.