Driveway Resurfacing

Driveway Resurfacing is one of those projects in home improvement, where prices can range greatly. The price of driveway resurfacing varies widely and can start as low as just under a dollar per square feet and can go all the way up to more than three hundred dollars per square feet. But because of all the factors involved, including the kind, the condition of your old driveway, what kind and quality of asphalt you need, the shape and dimensions of your project, etc., base your research on generalized cost estimates most likely will not be of any use. It is best to focus on certain aspects of your driveway project when determining prices.

Driveway Resurfacing

When considering prices for your driveway resurfacing, consider the curb appeal of your home’s exterior. In general older homes have a higher “curb appeal” than newer homes. This is attributed to the fact that older homes usually consist of more bricks, stones, tiles, stucco or other hardscapes. Because of this, people with older houses generally appreciate the aesthetic value that their driveway’s surface displays. Most buyers are put off by driveways made from concrete, which are often considered to be plain and boring. In contrast, concrete driveways have the advantage of being extremely durable and relatively easy to maintain.

Another important factor that will affect the price of your asphalt driveway resurfacing is whether or not it requires a new layer of pavement. Newly poured asphalt driveways do not have to be paved with a new layer. Many homeowners choose to “pat” or “stain” their newly installed driveways with some kind of low-priced house paint or chemical-free latex paint so that the home’s exterior will appear to be pristine. However, many professionals recommend that new layers of asphalt to be built on top of a new layer of pavement to help protect the asphalt layer from weathering and becoming damaged. After the new asphalt layer has been applied, homeowners can easily apply a new layer of durable concrete or paving material to help protect the asphalt from further deterioration.

Of course, there are plenty of other options when it comes to driveway resurfacing. For instance, homeowners can opt to make their driveways shiny by adding a new layer of glossy paint, or they can simply give their driveways a fresh coat of sealant. These products can also help prevent future damage caused by ice, hail, rain or snow, and can extend the lifespan of your new driveway. There are plenty of other options, including decorative concrete or gravel that can be incorporated into the design of your driveway. If you choose to go with a completely new driveway design, contact a local concrete company for advice and pricing information.

Whether you’re looking to install a new surface or repair existing damages, there are plenty of Driveway Resurfacing options available. To save money, homeowners should first assess the extent of their driveway damage, then choose a Driveway Resurfacing option that’s most cost-effective. This includes an evaluation of the cost of new surface materials, repairing or replacing damaged asphalt, and any traffic lanes that will be affected. Other factors to consider include the length of time you have to implement a Driveway Resurfacing project, as well as any restrictions you have regarding where new asphalt can be installed. For example, if your home is on a private community road, you may be restricted to a particular asphalt type, repair methods, or level of maintenance.

If you have determined that asphalt may need to be replaced, one of your first options is to contact a reputable Concrete Service Company. In most cases, concrete companies can quickly determine the best solution for your driveway and give you advice on how to make the most of your investment. If you’re not sure about the extent of your driveway damage or what exactly needs to be done, contacting a concrete company is still a good idea. Many professional concrete services offer a free initial evaluation to help you decide on the best course of action. Most importantly, if you know that the concrete is going to be necessary, you’ll want to ensure that it’s done properly. A concrete resurfacing expert can evaluate the extent of damage to your asphalt and recommend the best course of action.

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