Grease can build up in your hood, vent hood, or ductwork

Restaurants need to clean their kitchen hoods to maintain efficiency and safety. This important task can be done by restaurant staff or hired services. It is important to keep your kitchen hoods working properly so that your employees and customers can enjoy a safe, healthy environment.

Grease can build up in your hood, vent hood, or ductwork. If you don’t remove it, it can create a fire hazard. A cleaning service can help you maintain your hood by removing the grease. You may also need to clean your filters more frequently than usual. For example, if you have a lot of food being prepared, you may need to do a full cleaning every two weeks.

Before cleaning your hood, you’ll need to remove the fan and any gas lines. Your hood filter will need to be soaked in a solution of warm water and liquid degreaser for about two hours. Then, you’ll need to rinse it off and dry it off.

After completing the cleaning, your hood should look good. You should use a soft-bristle brush to scrub the interior. Apply a little light polish to the outside, too. To protect the hood, you may want to add plastic covers to the hood and surrounding area.

When you’re ready to schedule a professional hood cleaning, make sure you hire one that will provide you with a free estimate. They will also inspect your hood and recommend a regular schedule. Most restaurants can get away with a quarterly schedule. However, if you have a larger restaurant, it might be best to have your hood cleaned more often.

When you hire a cleaning service to perform a hood cleaning, they will need access to your roof. Contractors may use pressure washers on your ductwork. In some cases, they will manually clean your hood. Some contractors will also use brushes on your plenum.

A typical kitchen hood cleaning service will include cleaning the hood, plenum, and ductwork. These cleanings are performed by skilled technicians. They’ll disassemble the hood, clean the fan, and clean the Hood Cleaning plenum. Typically, they’ll also steam the entire system. Depending on the size of your kitchen, this process can take anywhere from three to four hours.

Hood cleaners generally offer a free estimate and can be booked any time of the day. They can be scheduled any day of the week, from late night to very early morning. During the process, they will check to ensure that your fans are working correctly. They will also check for vibrations. Their service reports will be reviewed by your restaurant’s owner/manager and other staff members to make sure that the cleaning was completed in an effective and efficient manner.

The average cost of a hood cleaning is usually based on the frequency of the service. The size of your kitchen, number of hoods and fans, and type of foods you prepare will also affect the cost. Many commercial cooking establishments are required by law to have their hoods cleaned at least semi-annually.