Union NJ Lawyers

Located in Union County, New Jersey, Union Township is home to an estimated 56,642 people. This township was incorporated in 1808, and is the site of a major battle during the American Revolution. It is also home to the Union Watersphere and the largest Home Depot store in the United States. There are many Union NJ lawyers that specialize in legal matters related to the township.

Union Township lawyers provide legal assistance to clients on various issues related to immigration, business, immigration, real estate, and more. They also handle regulatory matters, land use issues, and environmental matters.

The law firm of Nissenbaum Law Group has been practicing law in Union, New Jersey for almost a century. The firm’s managing attorney attended Rutgers Law School in Newark, and has worked for several of the largest law firms in New Jersey. The Union NJ Lawyers firm provides attorney representation in all types of ethics matters, including attorney trust account audits, ethics complaints involving banking transactions, and defense of attorneys accused of ethical infractions. The firm has also developed a specialty in commercial licensing law.

The firm represents the NCAA sports conferences and has a strong commercial licensing practice. They also represent condominium associations and handle land use issues. They also have a strong focus on intellectual property law. They are experienced in commercial licensing law, and have represented the national governing body of Olympic sport. They also represent clients on employment issues and represent employees in employment matters.

The Union, NJ attorneys of Strauss Law Offices, LLC provide experience in Emotional Distress cases. This is an area of law that can be hard to prove, but a Union lawyer with  experience in emotional distress cases can help you recover damages. Emotional distress can be caused by personal injury, defamation, or stressful situations.

Emotional distress is defined as mental anguish caused by a stressful situation. Many courts allow damages for emotional distress, but there are limitations to what can be claimed. A Union lawyer with experience in emotional distress cases can also help you prove the amount of damages.

Union Township is also home to the headquarters of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. In 2008, the retailer agreed to pay customers a refund of $475,000 for bedding that the company had allegedly inflated thread counts on. The retailer did not admit wrongdoing, but the plaintiffs in the case allege that the higher thread counts were an artificially inflated price. They also claim that the thread counts were twisted in two-ply fabrics, which is against industry standards.

Union, NJ lawyers can also provide assistance on Emotional Distress cases, and can help you recover damages from a stressful situation. Emotional distress can be caused by a personal injury, defamation, or stress, and can be claimed in many courts. It is also possible to recover damages for emotional distress if you have a contract, but it is not a claim you can make against a business.

Regardless of the situation, you should always consult with a Union, NJ attorney before cooperating with the police. This can expose you to questions and lose protections for your legal counsel.