Why You Should Hire a Lansing Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Although researching websites is useful, there’s no substitute for a personal conversation with a lawyer who understands the unique circumstances of each case. Zeineh Law is a Lansing-based criminal defense firm.

Mary is a criminal defense attorney

Mary is a Lansing criminal defense lawyer whose experience includes defending clients against serious criminal charges. She has experience litigating cases in state and federal courts across Michigan. She is dedicated to helping people facing criminal charges. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Ingham County Bar Association.

Mary is a member of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the American Bar Foundation. She also has an interest in animal law and is an active member of Attorneys for Animals.

She has won three cases at the Michigan Supreme Court in one year

Tracy Chartier, a Lansing criminal defense attorney, has won three cases at the Michigan Supreme Court. Her extensive experience has allowed her to win multiple cases, including a federal money laundering and drug dealing case. She has also successfully argued numerous appeals and motions. She has achieved a “not guilty” verdict in many cases, including multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct.

During the last year, Chartier has been recognized with numerous awards and honors, including Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s “Leaders in the Law” and “Women in the Law.” In addition, she has won the Distinguished Barrister’s Award from the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association, the Lansing criminal defense attorney Michael Franck Award for Outstanding Appellate Advocacy, and the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan’s “Lawyer of the Year.”

She negotiates deals with adversaries

A Lansing criminal defense attorney will research the facts surrounding your case and investigate the evidence against you. In many cases, the attorney will be able to negotiate deals with prosecutors and other court personnel that may lead to reduced charges, bail, and sentences. These deals are becoming increasingly important due to factors such as public pressure, political influence, and an overburdened court calendar.

She is an award-winning attorney

If you’re facing charges in Michigan, you’ll want to hire a Lansing criminal defense attorney who is a winner in the field. Mary Walsh has been named one of Michigan’s top “Leaders in the Law” in 2013, and is licensed to practice in both state and federal courts. She’s also a former prosecutor who understands the complexities of the prosecution’s job, so she can craft effective strategies to protect your rights.

To find a Lansing criminal defense attorney with a proven track record, you can search online directories such as Super Lawyers. These directories are free and feature attorneys with a high degree of peer recognition. To find an attorney in your area, you can search by state or practice area to find the attorney who best matches your needs.

She has experience representing clients from out of town

If you are facing criminal charges, you’ll need an experienced Lansing criminal defense attorney. Mary DeBruin has years of experience litigating serious criminal defense cases in state and federal courts throughout Michigan. She has a reputation for being thorough, tenacious, and compassionate. She is committed to helping people facing charges with the government.

While the prosecutor’s office is a tough, aggressive, and aggressive office, an experienced Lansing criminal defense attorney can still secure favorable results for clients. A good Lansing criminal defense attorney can use a strategy that can take advantage of the prosecutor’s aggressive style to win your case.