Working Alone Safety Devices

Working alone safety devices can help to keep lone workers safe. Using a Silent Beacon or StaySafe app can help to give a person a sense of safety. Blackline Safety’s Loner G7 is another option. You can even use the GeoPro Lone Worker Mobile App.

StaySafe app

StaySafe is a smartphone application that turns lone workers’ mobile phones into safety devices. It provides a range of alert options for different scenarios and ensures that a monitor is always in the know. StaySafe also features a StaySafe Hub, which provides crucial information about lone workers, including their location. The app works when lone workers begin a timed session before working alone, during which they can choose how long to keep the app open and what time they should return to their office. The Intercon Messaging Inc app also allows workers to activate the panic button at any time.

StaySafe is compatible with mobile devices and can work in areas where cellular signals are weak or unavailable. It transmits location data to a secure cloud-based monitoring hub, allowing employers to keep an eye on lone workers. It also locates the lone worker on a map and provides real-time updates on his or her location. It also uses BOLD Track mapping technology to pinpoint an employee’s exact location.

Silent Beacon

The Silent Beacon is a personal safety device that lets mobile workers enter the contact information of people they trust in case of emergencies. The device will then contact 911 and alert those people to the situation. The device can be recharged using a micro-USB port and is protected from dust and water.

Using this device can help protect your life, your family, and your work. It is designed for workers in hazardous situations, including electricians and construction workers. They are often in dangerous situations and cannot reach their contacts if an emergency occurs.

Blackline Safety’s Loner G7

The Blackline Safety Loner G7 working alone safety device connects to safety operations centres and is an ideal solution for workers who need to work alone. This device offers real-time alerts and 24/7 monitoring. It is highly flexible and can be customised for every application. It features cellular and integrated satellite connectivity and provides real-time visibility of worker safety.

Its unique push-to-talk feature allows it to act like a two-way radio. It allows you to call other teams on the same channel and switch over to talk to your colleagues. It has many features that are useful for lone workers, and works with a range of different communication devices.

GeoPro Lone Worker Mobile App

The GeoPro Lone Worker mobile app can provide workers with an all-in-one check-in and emergency notification tool. It features SOS and man-down alerts, and also integrates with GeoPro’s web-based safety monitoring platform. It can also send real-time SOS alerts to employers and employees anywhere in the world.

The GeoPro app is made by VSN mobile. This app can notify the employer, escalation contacts, or law enforcement of a lone worker’s location. It also offers an audio warning to startle the aggressor. The app has a free trial that lasts for 30 days, so it’s worth checking out.


One of the most popular options for working alone safety devices is the GeoPro V.BTTN. This system features a mobile app that allows employers to monitor the safety of their employees in real time. In case of an emergency, an SOS message can be sent to the employer’s escalation contacts. The device also provides weather alerts for first responders.

The GeoPro lone worker safety app is a two-way communication system that acts as an emergency and a check-in tool. It provides various notifications, such as a missed check-in, emergency alert, man down alert, and safety monitoring alert. The app is available in multiple languages and works with the GeoPro web app. It also has customizable safety settings that can help employers reduce risks.

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